Lessons from 2016 for 2017

I missed last year’s nurture posts due to my writing and am late this year having had a virus in the first week of the New Year. My 14/15 post was written in the middle of a difficult year and some of the themes indicated here have reappeared. 

‘It’s no secret that ambition bites the nails of success.’ (U2 – The Fly)

It has certainly been an interesting year professionally. Yet bizarrely I ended the year feeling flat and over dwelling on the things that got away. (Particularly 1 internal and 1 external interview for senior positions) I have since had a word with myself. If a few years ago you had told me that I would have a book published, be appointed as a principal examiner on the New A level spec, be managing History as a result of a merger of departments and have done 1/3 of an MA all in one year I would have been delighted. I love teaching RS and Philosophy and I’m trying to consciously notice and appreciate the magic moments in the classroom. It’s a privilege to be doing this. 

LESSON For 2017 – Be content, look around and enjoy the view a little more!

You reap what you sow – but not always where you sow

 I have always believed in the principle of sowing and reaping. You get what you give. What you put your energies into and how you treat others affects what happens next. Although interestingly enough the plants don’t always grow where you expect. However when I step out and try things, whenever I develop new skills or invest time in an area of life, there is a benefit even if it isn’t the one I expect. I have several examples but none that can be publically shared, sorry!

LESSON for 2017 – Keep sowing and growing, time and truth are friends – all I need to do is keep trying to do the right things. Results will come. 

Simplifying and making space

Lots happened in 2016 but probably too much. Whilst I have learned that although I have a large capacity and energy that keeps most of the balls up in the air I have reflected that that in terms of quality of life and work I need to simplify and reduce some of my involvements. I have slowed down the MA, stepped back from one of my additional roles, and will probably be on social media a little less. I am trying to start each day with at least 15 minutes of quiet time and am being more rigorous in applying #50isplenty.

LESSON for 2017 – Make space. Creativity and clear thinking needs regular pauses. The space will also allow good things to happen such as family time.

Wishing everyone a happy and purposeful 2017


Author: chriseyreteaching

Teacher and Middle Leader - worked in Secondary Education and now in Sixth Form College. Principal Examiner and Author. Interested in Religious Studies, Educational Policy, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Teacher Wellbeing

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