Secrets of the Examiner

Recently I delivered a CPD session in college entitled ‘secrets of the examiner.’ Obviously there are a lot of things that examiners cannot say but here are some that I can.

It is important that you are aware exactly how your subject is marked and that you have some understanding of how papers are set – what can and cannot be asked. There are other ways of doing this but I argued that the best way of doing this is to spend at least one session working as an examiner. My argument is given in more detail in a previous blog here

As an examiner you are best placed to teach exam technique to your students. the aim is to get them thinking like an examiner. I spend time training students to mark A Level essays so that they can peer mark and more importantly they can begin to develop the skill of meta cognition – thinking about their thinking in exams. John Tomsett’s excellent blog on modelling his thinking gets a mention. It is probably worth looking at the the original article here

My own presentation from the CPD session is below


Author: chriseyreteaching

Teacher and Middle Leader - worked in Secondary Education and now in Sixth Form College. Principal Examiner and Author. Interested in Religious Studies, Educational Policy, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Teacher Wellbeing

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